Nestled at a crossroads, the city has been an important strategic point throughout history both militarily and in terms of commerce and culture.

Since Roman times, in which the road from Astorga to Bordeaux passed through Álava, these lands have not ceased to be an axis of communications between Europe and the Central Plateau.

The city’s intense history has resulted in a rich monumental heritage.

It holds the title of ‘very noble and very loyal’.

As de facto capital of the Basque Country, Vitoria is the headquarters of the main political institutions of the Autonomous Community: the Government and the Basque Parliament. In addition, Vitoria held the title of European Green Capital in 2012, and was succeeded in 2013 by the French city of Nantes. Vitoria-Gastéiz offers an extensive and varied range of cultural activities throughout the year, with events of international importance. 

The Medieval Quarters and the central areas of the city form the largest commercial and leisure area in Vitoria-Gastéiz.


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